Mr. Biffeldorf Goes to Hell

Honestly I picked this book because it looked like a short, quick read.
I was hooked by the first page, the introduction. NO wonder the author wants to be known as Anonymous.
“Mankind has nothing to fear from the devil, but not for the reasons you might think.” Great opening quote.
Biffeldorf uses several figures to make his point, but my favorite has to be on page 1. Who else would have thought of creating a pie chart demonstrating the demographics of Hell’s population? I’m curious to discover if Biffeldorf made this chart before or after talking to Capote, who makes several references to the stupid being in Hell.
Great short story. I would definitely recommend the book to a few of my more sarcastic friends. I found Biffeldorf’s predicament very humorous. I would definitely buy this ebook. It was short, but I was entertained on every page!


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