Dance the Moon Down by RL Bartram

I’ve been reading Dance the Moon Down by R.L. Bartram.  I only printed the first hundred pages and stayed up until 3am reading.  I finished the remaining twenty printed pages when I woke this morning.  

Dance is many stories woven into one, so far.  Victoria is a strong woman who is able to seek further education in a time when women are expected to forego an education and find a husband.  She finds strength in searching for her husband fighting in WWI. 

A second story-line is the suffragette movement. Victoria’s school friend, Beryl, is a woman of action.  She is firm in her beliefs that women should have the same rights as their male counterparts. I am excited to see where else Virginia and Beryl’s stories lead.

Third is the story of misunderstanding.  The world didn’t seem to understand the magnitude of WWI.  The world had heard rumors of  a war coming but no one thought it would.  When war becomes reality many of the men going to fight were sure it would be over in a few short months, not years. 

It was interesting to read about the money making schemes of taking pictures of women to send to soldiers abroad.  The same pictures were sent to the papers to help identify fallen soldiers.  How many men were identified as dead but were still alive or missing?

Bertram’s story has one of my favorite strengths.  Although I haven’t had to take out my dictionary, Bertram uses very strong vocabulary and wonderful descriptive sentences.  The paragraphs leap off the page with great images.  I felt part of the story and can envision the scenes Bertram wants us to see.  

Tomorrow. . . I only have two hundred pages to go… tomorrow.


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