The Love Thief

This book was a real quick read. I’m only on page 10, but I can see a spark. Sandra’s jewelry, among other items, have been stolen from the gallery where she works. The brutish police officer, Alex, is using Sandra’s past against her and is accusing her of the robbery.
Fast forward to the end of the book… Right people, wrong description.
Sandra was accused of stealing jewelry in the past. She was set up by her then boyfriend. Alex is not a police officer, he is a reformed thief who is trying to recover his past by working with the police. I’m not sure whose idea it is, but Sandra is basically blackmailed into working with Alex and the police to catch her former boyfriend they assume stole the gallery items. I don’t remember seeing any proof that he committed the robbery. The officer knew he was out of prison, knew he dated Sandra, and made a deal to catch him. Of course, it was Derek, which wrapped the robbery up. There is an attempt at the end of the story to blame the gallery owner for the robbery for insurance purposes, but he denies it. It never says if he really did it and got away with it.
I think my favorite character in the story is Viking. He seemed to have more description than any of the others, with the exception of how wonderful Alex is. I’m not sure why Cora is there. She really doesn’t play a part in the story, unless she is there for sarcastic relief, but Alex fits the bill.
I read a lot of mystery and I enjoy romance. I’m not sure I would recommend this story to my friends, unless they want a quick read.


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