Dear Nobody- by Gillian McCain

I picked up this book not knowing what to expect.
I love Mary Rose kept a diary of her life events. It was interesting to read, in her words, her life. Her very short, very eventful life. The normal teenage events of falling in and out of forever love. The not-so-normal events of drugs and alcohol abuse. The hospital stays due to CF.
I am amazed by the strength Mary Rose displayed dealing with the addictions, and her mother’s difficult love life.
I have read a fictional book dealing with teenage emotions. This is so much more powerful, knowing it is non-fiction and real, not sugar-coated.
I would definitely recommend this book to another reader. Any reader who knows a teenager with or without a drug issues, home issues, or love issues.
By the end of the book I’m not sure if I am happy she isn’t struggling with the pain of her hip and the coughing and treatments that seem like torture themselves. or if I am sad that she had such a short life and never did find her true love or know the pain and joys of children. I DO know I was crying so hard it made it difficult for me to read the last couple pages and the notes from her mom.
To the authors and those who kept the notes and letters from Mary Rose, Thank you! To her mom,thank you for sharing your daughter with the rest of us!


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