Just My Typo- by Drummond Moir

One of the top favorites….
I can’t describe how much I love reading someone else’s mistakes. This IS the book! A collection of misprints and errors for everyone, from signs and text messages, to print. 
I enjoyed the various fonts, such as the children “hand-writings.” 
I don’t have to worry about recommending this book to friends. I took it to work and put it on the corner of my desk. Three colleagues came in at different times, saw it, and picked it up and began to peruse. I didn’t have to read some of the sections because they read them out loud while trying not to laugh. If I was a sharing kind of person, I may let others borrow the book. I think they can come to my office and read there. This way I ensure my book does not “walk out” never to be seen again!
Typo book 2???


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