The Confessional by Reiny Pierson

I have to begin with the fact that I had to pull out my dictionary. Always the measure of a book I love to read. Second, the imagery is captivating. “… slowly she became aware of a tightening in her chest, a thickening in her throat, as though a pair of hands were squeezing the air up out of her lungs and clamping her airwaves, as breathing became more difficult she experienced pressure behind her eyes and a damp chill cruising through her.” How much more descriptive could that be? I can see and feel the way Sarah does. Third, the Confessional was almost impossible to close. It pained me to stop reading and go to bed. I read before work and resumed immediately afterward.
It is difficult for me to pick my favorite character. If forced, I would have to say Sarah. She faces so many obstacles. Her abilities lead her to hear voices from the confessional until she is left with the one haunting her and leading her to confront her fears and research the provenance of the confessional for answers.
She has to deal with telling her husband with what she has discovered, and how she made the discovery, while defending her abilities against his disbelief.
Although she has her moments of self doubt, she forces herself to continue and persevere.
I am giving the Confessional five stars. Although I cannot recommend this title to my elementary students, I can highly recommend this to my coworkers. It is difficult not to share such an exciting story to fans good literature!



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