Airel: The Awakening by Aaron Patterson

I like Airel from beginning to end.  It’s one of the books ht I got to the last page and gasped, “Oh, NO! I NEED book two!”

I felt for Airel.  She was not the “perfect” image of a teen girl, but she wasn’t someone to be pitied.  She knows what she wants.  She has the support of her best friend, Kim.  She wants to be different and is proud of this quality. 

I was confused when the story jumped to 1250 BC, Arabia.  I’m still guessing where this will lead, hence the need for book 2.  I have my ideas, but need to see if I am right or will be taken on a completely different path.  

So many questions.  Who is the blond stranger? How does he know what she is? What is she? Why does she have headaches and get sick? I can’t wait for her date with Michael and how he reacts when she tells him “everything”.  Does he have any answers for her? Why did she begin to change the same day he shows up in town?  Anticipation!! Good job, Aaron, leave me hanging on!

I will definitely recommend this book to friends and colleagues.  I can’t wait to hear their frustrations when they have to wait to read the sequels.This books in an obvious 5 star read! LOVED it!


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