Cherringham- Mystery at the Manor by Matthew Costello & Neil Richards

I started reading before I realized this is part of a collection of stories.  I really like the story-line.  I found myself wanting Jack to date Sarah.  They make a great team in searching for the mysterious death of Victor.  I found myself wanting Victor to leave his house and land to Hope.  I was excited to hear his will being read and the reactions of his children. I liked the wrap-up of the book.  The story was neatly tied together with a nice little bow.  GREAT! 

My favorite part of the book is when Jack announces who started the fire responsible for Victor’s death and how it happened.  i didn’t see that coming.  I spend much of the book trying to figure out how  a room Victor didn’t use could have caught on fire, even with the acknowledgement that the wiring in the house was antiquated and should have been replaced as a whole rather than in pieces.  

I plan to read other books in this series.  I enjoyed Jack and Sarah and hope to see how/if their relationship develops.  It will be interesting to see if they decide to open a private detective agency or just search for answers to mysteries in the area as they did for Hope.  

I give Mystery at the Manor five stars.  I recommended it to my daughter and plan to recommend it to my friends for a quick, entertaining read!


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