Cherringham Murder on Thames by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards

Once again I enjoyed a Cherringham story!! I just finished reading Murder on Thames by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards.  I was already aware of the growing relationship between Jack and Sarah, because I mistakenly read the second episode, Mystery at the Manor, first.  This time I got to participate in their meeting and what seemed to be unlikely friendship.

Once again I thought I knew who the killer was, and once again I was incorrect! This book begins with the suicide of Sammi, the childhood friend of Sarah.  In an attempt to find answers Sarah runs into Jack.  After a brief encounter she discovers Jack is a retired NYPD detective.  Upon hearing her questioning he decides to help her.  They soon have proof Sammi’s death was not a suicide and search for proof of her murder.

Murder on Thames is the first of 12 self-contained episodes.  I’ve now finished and enjoyed the first two.  I am looking forward to reading the remaining ten.  I highly recommend Murder on the Thames and/or Mystery at the Manor to all fans of mystery/thriller books, especially if they are looking for a quality quick read!


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