Oliver and the Seawigs by: Phillip Reeve, illus: Sarah McIntyre

Oliver and the Seawigs is the adventure of Oliver, Cliff, Iris, and Mr. Culpepper as they search for Oliver’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Crisp.  Mr. Reeve has crafted a story of friendship, determination, and courage that readers will want to enjoy and share with friends. Ms. McIntyre’s artwork adds to the fun.  I love the illustrations of the characters, especially Cliff, he’s adorable!

Oliver is definitely my favorite character.  He is calm during adversity and very quick thinking on his feet! Oliver’s actions not only help himself, but also help  his new friends during the journey to save his parents. 

I love the book from beginning to end.  Oliver would be a good read aloud for emergent readers and the perfect book for early chapter book readers.  It is easy for me to give Oliver and the Seawigs five stars.  It was a fun easy read.  I will eagerly recommend Oliver to family, students and colleagues to enjoy.  I hope there will be sequels to explore.  Now that Cliff has joined the family they can go on new adventures.  There has to be something the Crisps haven’t already discovered!



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