Ten Short Tales about Ghosts by K.C. Parton

Ten Short Stories about Ghosts is a collection of ghost stories by K.C.Parton.  Some of the stories are familiar while others are new and creative. I enjoyed them for the most part. “Uncle Tom’s Ghost Story” tended to ramble, but on retrospect I can imagine an older uncle going on tangents while telling his story- or was he delaying the sharing?

I enjoyed the poem closing the book.  I especially loved the irony that I was reading it as an ebook after being downloaded from the internet!

My favorite story has to be “The Last Train”.  I felt as if I was sitting on the train with Arthur as he moved from confusion to contentment.  I do wonder when/if Arthur realized what has happened.  I do like the twist ending, it was a nice wrap-up for the story.

I know readers fourth grade through early middle school that will like these stories.  They are scary, but not too scary. They are suspenseful, but not too suspenseful.  I give this book four stars.  I will recommend Ten Short Stories about Ghosts to teachers of, and friends with, older readers.


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