The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

Who hasn’t dreamed of the magic fountain of youth? While all of the goldfish Ellie’s kindergarten teacher gave the kids died during kindergarten.  Her teacher had intended to teach the students  lesson about the life cycle.  All things live, grow old, and die. Ellie’s didn’t, at least she thought it didn’t until she was in fifth grade. Not only did Goldie die, but this strange teenager shows up at her house. Ellie’s whole life turns upside down when the teenager shows up.  Ellie realizes she loves science, but good and bad can come from the discoveries that are made, as well as choices that we make daily.  

I like this book and think students in 4th grade through middle school would like the story of Ellie and her family and friends as well.  I give the Fourteenth Goldfish five stars for entertainment as well as education factor. Jennifer brings in information about important pioneers in the field of science.  I am recommending the book to to my students in fourth grade, as well as my niece.  I am also recommending it to my colleagues.


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