Almost Perfect by Diane Daniels Manning

Almost Perfect by Diane Daniels Manning is a beautifully crafted story of betrayal, hope and forgiveness.  I began the book not sue what to expect.  I thought the story would be about a boy befriending an elderly lady. I was so wrong.  I found myself making note of so many more elements.  Sisterly love- The twins pretending not to need each other, but always there to give support and understanding.  Ageism- How old is too old? How young is too young to begin to follow a dream? Love- When do you trust yourself to another? Expectations- As a parent are we expecting too much- or not enough for our children? As parents, how are we balancing our needs with those of our children? Do they see us as abandoning them or putting our dreams ahead of their needs?

McCreery has to be my favorite character.  He helps Benny find his strength, Bess reach for her dreams, David forgive the past, and Breaker reach for greatness. At times McCreery is the strongest character, he knows when to play and when to be supportive.  Although he does have issues with jealousy, he seems to overcome this issue for the love he feels for Bess.

The last few pages had me working to read through my tears, happy tears.  By the time Benny meets David and tries to play matchmaker I was hooked.  I was invested in the lives of the different characters and looking forward to the next installment of their lives.

Benny, Bess, McCreery and Breaker secured a five star review.  I plan to recommend Almost Perfect to friends who own dogs, have children, or just enjoy a great, feel good book about the power of a friend’s love.


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