Destruction by Sharon Bayliss

David’s world has been turned upside down. On one hand he has found his secret children. Children created during an affair when he was first married. Children he never told his wife he’d spent years searching for. On the other, his wife not only admits that she is a witch, but when first married she erased many of his memories. Now David learns that along with his wife, his mistress, himself and all five children are witches and wizards.
Thrust into this magical world, hidden in a Mundane world of non-magical people, David learns there are many groups. Magic comes in a spectrum of colors, much like auras. Not only does the family need to learn to come together as one, they must learn whether or not to use magic, how and when.
I am torn between Patrick and Samantha being my favorite character. Patrick is a lost soul and seems to feel trapped trying to find his place between a brother who is “Mr. Wonderful” and new siblings being thrust upon him. Samantha is a spring witch stuck in a family of winter witches. She has the ability help others find the good. Spring brings the harshness of winter to a close.
I would recommend this to my friends and colleagues. I like the book, but there are a couple adult scenes that take it out of middle school and more to high school readers. I know several adults who would enjoy Destruction! I look forward to reading more books by Sharon Bayliss.


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