The Doll Graveyard by Lois Ruby

The Doll Graveyard is about a doll graveyard…. dolls that are buried and show up in the attic in a doll house.  Dolls that talk to girls and tell them they are an “angry, angry girl.”  Dolls that are searching for something.  

 I’m not sure who my favorite character was, maybe Shelby.  She is going through a lot in her young life. She may be susceptible to the dolls because of the pain she is feeling.  Her father left the family for another woman.  Her mother moves them into an old house given to them by an aunt they barely know.  She doesn’t have any friends. Dolls are talking to her and the last girl who lived in her house was hospitalized for being crazy. 

This was another book that I couldn’t put down.  Thank goodness my kindle would read it to me.  I listened to it while I worked and hated the drive home waiting until I could read it again!  I am giving this The Doll Graveyard five stars because it is an exciting read with a lot of twists and turns.  I was surprised by the ending.  I liked it, but I was surprised!


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