F Is for Feelings by Goldie Millar and Lisa Berger

Before I even finish, I’m on F, I WANT this book! Not only is the artwork wonderful, but the kids show a variety of people. There are kids of different races and abilities which I think is something all children should be able to read. I AM recommending F Is for Feelings to my colleagues, some who work in Extended Learning Centers (after school), some who work in regular classrooms, and those who work in the Exceptional Students classrooms! I have friends with children and friends who work for Day Schools. I will be recommending F Is for Feelings to them, as well. My dad grew up fighting prejudice, (he had polio and was left with a paralyzed leg and had to wear a brace), he was not allowed to participate in “regular” activities. I am so delighted to see all the kids in this book! Kudos Goldie Millar and Lisa Berger! Thank you!!
I am just so excited! I want this book!
Now to read the rest of the alphabet!
BTW the rest of the alphabet is as fun as the beginning. This is a great introduction for younger children to the different feelings we have and a great starting point for parents and teachers to introduce them.


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