The Moose Who Couldn’t Go to Sleep by Willy Claflin and James Stimson

Mother Moose stories! Little Moose cannot go to sleep because she has too many things running through her mind. She is tired everyday, and as it shows on the blackboard, she is the worry of her teachers and principal. They all want her to succeed in school and work together to come up with a plan to help her sleep. While Little Moose does not like going to bed early or legumes, she tries them both. The solution comes with the help of sheep #2!
The glossary in the beginning of the book is great. I’m not sure I could have done the book justice without that helpful hint! It always helps to know the native language and cadence of the storyteller. I love the artwork, especially that sheep #2 is wearing a #2 on its back. It’s important not to get it mixed up with sheep 1 or 3!
This is an adorable storybook. If my kids were younger I could see myself reading this to them before bed. I recommend The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Go to Sleep 5 stars.


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