The Witch And Other Tales Re-Told by Jean Thompson

For the most part I was impressed with the stories in The Witch and Other Tales Re-Told by jean Thompson. Most of the tales I could recognize the original tale, others still remain a mystery.  For the most part I also liked the stories, but there were a couple I could have done without reading. I think my favorite story was the first, although the ending was a let down.  In the original story we know exactly what happened to the witch, but in this story there is no clear cut answer.  For all I know she could stalk the kids or hurt others who end up in her care.  I also liked the last story, but couldn’t guess which fairy tale it was supposed to represent and didn’t like the ending.  

I might recommend this book to high school students, but there is strong language and mature topics that I might struggle with the recommendations.  I will recommend the book of some of my friends who may be interested in a modern day fairy tale.  I am giving this book four stars, only because of a couple stories and the attempts to renew the classics.


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