Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

I received Stitching Snow,by R.C. Lewis from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Stitching Snow is a new twist on the Snow White fairy tale. I’m hooked. I had to make myself stop reading and go to sleep so I could function the next day at work. I had to make sure to pack my kindle so I could continue on my lunch break and after work.
For most of the book the main character goes by the name Essie- partially because she is in hiding and partially because she hates her given name, mainly to honor her mother. As in all Snow White stories the mother has passed away and the king has remarried. I’ve only read stories where the king is under the spell or killed by the queen, Snow’s stepmother. In this retelling he is alive and just as evil as the queen, in some respects more so.
Essie is my favorite character. She is a no-nonsense and self-sufficient kind of girl. She knows how to get what she wants and won’t let others take advantage of her. Essie is the only girl living in a mining town full of men, in an area that stays freezing cold. She is not only surviving but can fix machines better than any man can.
I’d love if there is a sequel. I’d love to see how things improve or any challenges that may arise. I highly recommend Stitching Snow to my students and anyone who likes fairy tales with a modern twist. I have to give Stitching Snow five stars. It is a great story with a great flow. The characters are well developed. It is one of those books that I’m sure I’ll find different and exciting things every time I read.


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