Hollow by Ava Conway

I was gifted Hollow by Ava Conway in exchange for an honest review.  

Lucy, in a fit of hurt and anger is thrust in the spotlight under unfortunate circumstances.  Her parents, prominent DC power couple, decide it’s best to hide her away until everything blows over.  They decide the perfect place to hide her is Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital.  While in the hospital Lucy not only learns about herself, she learns about her family, friends, and others in the hospital. 

While Lucy becomes a stronger person, I think my favorite character has to be Iris, her roommate.  Iris shows up with a bag of contraband, unable to be near other people, open doors, or touch items many of us take for granted.  With help, especially from Lucy, Iris is able to take a laundry cart ride, infrequently eat in the cafeteria and sometimes stand, for short periods, human contact.

One of the main themes of the book is love.  Love between a child and her parents.  Love between friends and love between a man and a woman.  Lucy discovers her instincts about her parents, especially her mother, are right.  Most of her actions are for publicity, either to further her interests or as a cover-up.  The loss of trust causes a serious rift between Lucy and her mother, her father seems to have given up on her when she is admitted to the hospital.  Will the love for her mother help Lucy overcome the rift and forgive?

Lucy is left with the feeling that everyone she thinks is a friend lets her down.  Her boyfriend, Kyle, her best friends Bethany and Mia, and the friends she had before the accident.  She realizes when she finds herself she is able to make real friends she can rely on and they can count on her.  

The one thing Lucy is not looking for is a relationship.  Then she finds Jayden, or he finds her.  At first Lucy tries to stay away from him.  Soon she decides to trust Jayden.  The problem is, Lucy doesn’t know who Jayden is, will she be able to love him when she learns his past?  Will he want to be with her when he learns about her past?

I can honestly say I will recommend Hollow for my friends to read.  I couldn’t put it down.  I hope there is a sequel.  There are other characters that could easily lend themselves to other stories or a continuation of Lucy’s experiences.  


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