The Quest of Narrigh (The Other Worlds) by S.K. Holder

Connor woke up in strange clothes in an area he doesn’t recognize. Connor woke up in his brother’s game, The Quest of Narrigh, the game he wasn’t supposed to be playing. He soon realizes he should have listened to the backstory of Narrigh before he jumped in to playing. He thought he knew about the worlds and characters. He was wrong. The book, The Quest of Narrigh (The Other World), by S.K.Holder, was a great ride. It jumped from Connor’s experiences to characters in the game experiences, as well as the back-story Connor missed in his effort to play the game without his brother Luke finding out.
My favorite scene in the book is when Connor has to make a quick getaway with the help of the twins, Thaul and the “unnamed twin”. They lead him to the Rogghorn. Although being a little skittish, he climbs on Rogghorn’s back, takes the reins, and travels through the tunnel system underground! The whole scene is full of great descriptions! So thankful Holder included this scene in the story! All of the characters are great, but I enjoyed the Rogghorn!
I love the ending of the book. There has to be a sequel. I’m excited to see what new adventures lie ahead for Connor, Luke, and Amelia, (Connor’s friend from Narrigh). I hope Connor gets reunited with Kherrin Mawk, maybe in future stories.
I am giving the book five stars. I think it is a great read for chapter book readers and up. It has an easy to follow story-line and enough excitement to capture readers of all ages. I hope the sequels are as entertaining!


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