Enhancement by Anthony Melchiorri

I was gifted this book by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.

Action from the start! When I first began reading I had to double check and make sure I was on the first page! I love books like this that have action beginning to end. The book begins with Chris in the middle of a prison riot and Lash, another inmate, coming to his rescue. Chris learns from Kurt,yet another inmate, that just because he lived through the riot didn’t mean the others were finished.
Chris is released from prison only to find out that he is on a list where five other people are already dead. He is stuck trying to stay alive while trying to find out who would want him dead. Plenty of twists and turns that keep the action exciting!
I love that I have to either pull out the dictionary or read the next few lines to discover what some of the words mean, there’s a lot of medical jargon when he is in the hospital that I relied on the next sentence or two to understand. Thanks Anthony for adding those lines so I knew what they were talking about!
I am giving the book five stars for the level of excitement from beginning to end! It is short, which is wonderful, because it’s the kind of book I hated to put down. At around 150 pages it was perfect for a quick read while keeping me entertained the whole time! LOVED IT!!
I would purchase this book for $9.99 if it was offered as an ebook

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