Sated by Truth Devour

I was gifted Sated, by Truth Devour, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.
Thankfully Sated picks up where Unrequited left off and Talia is meeting and getting to know Bodhi. Bodhi has never forgotten Talia and the love he felt when he was 6 years old in Haiti. Talia had forgotten him in the aftermath of losing her parents, the move to Australia and the life she has made for herself after leaving Haiti. I love that Bodhi didn’t rush Talia to remember and repeat her one-night-stand lifestyle she has had in her past. He makes himself and Talia wait until he knows she loves him before he makes his moves, although Talia has made attempts several times already. As I expected Brad has issues with Talia’s growing love for Bodhi and becomes jealous.
Talia continues to grow as a person who is instrumental in bettering the lives of others, such as Mabel who had the love of her life, Walter, for several decades of companionship. Mabel had a courtship similar to Talia in the fact that Walter knew he loved her and she would love him for always, much in the way Bodhi has loved Talia as long as he has and knows she will love him as well.
I am sad this is the final installment in the trilogy. I will definitely recommend this book to friends and know I will be rereading the trilogy again and again. I’m sure there are story-lines and twists that I have missed! I am giving the book five stars. I have no other choice!


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