The Tragedy of Woman by Ray Dacolias

I was gifted The Tragedy of Woman by Ray Dacolias in exchange for an honest review.
Oscine was born sick, into a family that didn’t want her. They plotted ways to get rid of her and the bills that came with her sickness. Outsiders thought they were the perfect family, especially when two boys were born into the family. In reality Oscine was left to survive on her own, left in her room or outside in her garden to fend for herself and stay out of her parents’ way. Others began to see her as having a special connection with plants and animals, which was fine with her parents, as long as it made them money.
In an effort to leave a family that does not want her she rushes into the arms of Heath. He seems to love her, but soon his true self comes out and he becomes abusive. He is quick to make sure Oscine knows he is the man of the house and in charge. It is her duty to cook, clean, and take care of the baby. Death’s father told him, the day before his marriage, that training a woman is much like training a dog. A man has to begin soon after marriage.
Oscine finally finds Abraham, will he be the man who treats her as she should be treated?
I think my favorite quote, there are so many, is, “It is the way marriage is; it just isn’t any good. It’s all a lie to perpetuate the state, so chose won’t rule.” (Madelyn)
This book earns an easy five stars, ten if I could. Sadly, so many people, (women and men), fall into the psychologically abusive marriage and begin to think they are the problem while making excuses to themselves and others.


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