Slaves & Tyrants by John Bearheart

I was gifted Slaves & Tyrants, by John Bearheart, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderfully written historical fiction novel set in 901 AD. The story opens with two men fishing, Harkaitz, the father, and Argider, the middle of three sons. The description of the snow on the mountainside and the trees catapulting snow are a wonderful visual. I especially love, “The saplings had been so heavily burdened by the snowfall that they had bent over until their top leaves were pinned to the ground by the weighty snow and ice, and they stayed like that, in constant tension, bent in an awkward arc, until the ice thawed enough to release the saplings and let them fling back into an upright position.” Just the image of the trees catapulting snow is a wonderful visual!
Argider witnesses the murder of his father and sets out on a quest to seek revenge. His journey begins for revenge, but soon he is on a journey of knowledge and grows from an impetuous boy bent on revenge into a well-rounded, philosophical man. He does this though many adventures, such as travel to lands he might have never seen, being made a slave, and the escape from slavery.
I did enjoy the journey with Argider and can recommend Slaves & Tyrants to those who are interested in a historical action novel. John Bearheart is very knowledgeable about Vikings and the time period he has set his story. I am giving the story five stars!


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