The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob- A Challenging Job by Brooks Olbry, Illustrated by Kevin Keele

I was gifted The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob- A Challenging Job, by Brooks Olbry- illustrated by Kevin Keele, by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
The books is made up of five chapters. Each chapter is a lesson hidden in a creative, lyrical short story. The boy, on the Island of Roses adopted the nickname Blue Ocean Bob, his guardian is a hummingbird named Xena. He also has a mentor named Miss Mary Marine. Bob is friends with Kodi- the baby seal, Doc- the wise old turtle, Beck- the pelican, Earl- the clam, Cathy- the crab, Al- the dolphin, Tom- the blue whale, Bob- the walrus, and Ray- the stingray. Xena may be Bob’s guardian, but she does not believe he is making a wise choice following his passion safeguarding the sea. His friends, on the other hand, are working with him and helping him learn. Bob does begin to doubt himself and his friends help him realize his dreams are attainable, if he takes them one step at a time.
The story is well written poetry, and very encouraging for children to read. The illustrations are beautiful. Although several of the characters wear glasses, and Doc is the only animal wearing clothes- the characters are all beautifully and realistically drawn.
I highly recommend this book to be in any library for character traits. Bob is a wonderful example of determination resourcefulness. This book is easily five stars.


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