Inherited Magic by Andrew Gordinier

I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

I was asked to read Inherited Magic, by Andrew Gardinier, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.
John, 24, loses his father… his mother had passed away during childbirth. His college girlfriend moved out because she had been dating another. Now he loses his father. Cleaning out his father’s house he finds a mysterious box. The box was intended to be a gift to his great uncle, from Uncle John’s great grandfather. His whole life changes.
As his run of bad luck continues John goes to the pawn shop to sell items, including a ring. Owen, the shop owner, realizes the ring is magic and upon asking John decides he needs a teacher and a job. Things begin to improve for John until he makes a huge mistake. He decides to document his education and his spells and experiences. The book is not only stolen, but the thief goes on a rampage killing his enemies and a few innocents. It is up to John and Owen to hunt him down and kill him.
The FBI are working with mages invite John to join them. He refuses until it may become necessary.
I really enjoyed Inherited Magic and recommend it to anyone interested in a great mystery read. It easily earns five stars, and worth every star. John has had a difficult life. Magic has two sides, the ability to win every card game and game of chance but no way to get away with it without being caught. The biggest catch twenty-two! Unlimited magic, but no way to use it to help others. GREAT read!


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