Apple by R.A. Black

I was gifted Apple by RA Black, by inkspand, in exchange for an honest review.
I have to love a story where it begins, “She stood in the graveyard, waiting, as she promised she would.” Aaaaggghhh!!!! Why did Skye have to stop the story? Yes, the story within the story.
Oh my gosh, the real story is so much better than the story Pa was telling! I don’t know if it was intended, but I began to see several fairy-tale stories mixed in the story. There are elements of Hansel and Gretel when Skye and Apple are on their own because Pa felt no alternative but to send Skye out and Apple followed. It goes further when they reach the first house to escape the rain. I also see an element of the fairy godmother watching over the two of them after they are hurt. Although not a fairy-tale, the doctor that “rescues” the two remind me of Dr. Frankenstein. There is also the mystery of Dr. Cavington’s house. The ghostly laughter of a child and toys that seem to move in the nursery. The nursery that Apple is not supposed to enter. Dr. Cavington refuses to answer questions about his home and where his family is, or if George is the only “family” he has ever had.
This is a wonderful example of writing. The sentences weave a beautiful texture of characters, scenery, and storytelling. I found myself not wanting to put my kindle down. It was a great read. This book is an easy five star read!


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