Spinner of Yarns by Ray Dacolias

I was invited to read Spinner of Yarns by Ray Dacolias in exchange for an honest review.

The first story was confusing and had no flow. It just sounded like ramblings for a free-flow journal writing. The only connection I could make was the tie in with the middle of the story when Rappal, the main character, tries to disparage a beautiful young girl, Lauren. He does finally get her fired and feels triumphant, but end the end of the book she is the shining light while his true self comes out.

The rest of the stories follow the same trend. The second story, Animal Stories, comes close. This is a set of three short stories. If it is possible to suspend reason and believe that animals talk, in poorly constructed sentences, they do seem to follow a story-line. The second story is about a “child” writing a letter to the poor thanking them for living in poverty so this “child” and “mother” can live with a rich family and have everything they could ever want. The letter makes it to the poor family the day before they die of malnutrition.

I really tried to like this book, but just couldn’t. I thought I could possibly write about the mechanics of the sentences and how they were well crafted and create a beautiful scene with lots of background and exciting illustrations popping into my mind as I read but the one thing that kept popping out to me were the sentences that ran on and on and never seemed to end they just continued for line after line and I found myself glad to realize I was reading in my head and didn’t have to stop at a period and take a breath because if I did I would have to take a HUGE breath and read and read until the period finally came! I realize that is a horrid “sentence” but to be fair I found myself counting words in sentences. For example, the second sentence in the first story of Animal Stories contains 223 words. The third sentence was made of 54 words. The fourth sentence had 65 words. I found myself counting words several times during reading, perhaps that may be why I didn’t understand the stories?
I have to give the book one star, sadly that includes the star the cover earns. I picked the book by the cover- oops!


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