PreOrdained by K.A. Manji

I was given the opportunity to read PreOrdained by K.A. Manji. by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.

I’m not sure what to think about the book.  Parts of me really liked it; other parts were a little disappointed.  I liked it because it was an interesting read.  I was disappointed because it brought up more questions than it answered.

Was it supposed to focus on Joshua and his search for faith?  He was a medically trained doctor but although he insisted on putting his medical bag in his vehicle, didn’t seem to use his knowledge when necessary.  Did he die from the fractured ankle or were there more serious injuries.  I did like the flashbacks; they were well written and did help to explain the story.

It would be interesting if there was a prequel with more insight into Gregory and Celeste.  The way I read it, Gregory was dangerous and wanted to bring the death of Joshua.  Celeste, on the other hand, was more of a healer or heavenly “spirit” and somehow missed the danger Gregory posed to Joshua.

I don’t know if this will be a book I read again for pleasure, maybe after a break I will try to reread it to see if there were things in the book I missed.  Maybe I missed important pieces of information that would help the flow of the story and answer some of the questions that were raised in this reading.

I don’t know if I will recommend this book to any of my friends.  If someone does read it and understands it better, I would love the insights.  Maybe I was trying to find things that were not there instead of reading for pleasure.  Possibly I was searching for answers so diligently I missed the answers.  Missing the trees for the forest!

I may purchase the book for .99¢.


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