Wild Children by Richard Roberts

Oh, my gosh… The book begins with Jenny who is enticed into the world of the wild children with the hopes of becoming a wolf. She is greatly disappointed when she turns into a donkey. She is renamed Bray and is bought by her teacher who loves her dearly. She is treated much better than other donkey wild children. Although many wild children forget who they were she remains friends with another donkey, Hind. Hind has it better than most of the wild children. She is loved and pampered and treated like a princess.
That’s what pulled me in!
Bray doesn’t think she should have been transformed into a donkey. The wild children are made into the animal that reflects their sins as children. Bray learns that a dove named Coo may know the way to change her into the being she was supposed to be.
Each act is told from the viewpoint of another wild child and their trials as they learn what they need to be set free. They are all connected together through Hind. I didn’t see that one when I first began the book. I was surprised when I began act 2 and it was told from the view of a cat, Jinx. Each character is more endearing than the previous. I really enjoyed this book and intend to read it again! I’m not saying Jinx is my favorite, but Jinx is my favorite!!! 😉


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