Still Alice-Sidekick by Katherine R. Miller

I was given the chance to read Still Alice: A Novel by Lisa Genova–Sidekick to the Novel by Katherine R. Miller, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.
First, as noted in the beginning of the book, this is not a standalone book. It is meant to be read along with the reading of Still Alice. Some of the book is intended as a read-along, while the final Final Analysis is meant to be read after reading Still Alice.
Background: Still Alice is the story of Alice Howland, an accomplished professor at Harvard University and her struggles though her journey into Alzheimer. She first begins to realize something may be wrong when she forgets words to speeches, but when she loses her way home she goes to the doctor. The spiral begins.
The character list is missing John. While it should be obvious who John is, the list includes Alice, the main character of the book, therefore it should also include her husband John.
The character analysis is a great addition to the book. It definitely helps to understand the different characters through the eyes of Katherine. She added new insights to the visions I had in my mind of the characters.
The section about Themes and Symbols is helpful. Time, for example, I noticed that time is mentioned a lot but did not take enough note to see the relevance. Looking back I did highlight a couple instances of time, but it makes more sense when Katherine notes the use of time for Alice.

This is a great companion to Still Alice. I do recommend anyone reading the book read this as a companion. It helps to clear characters and not only creates new questions but offers many answers! I would purchase this if it is offered as an ebook.


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