Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

Six stars?
I have to begin by saying I am so glad there are more books in the series.
Killer Cupcakes is a wonderful quick read. I read it in a couple hours. I’m glad because I didn’t want to go to bed until I finished it!
Lexy is a woman who lives with her beloved dog, Sprinkles, in her grandmother’s house. Her parents have sold their house and gone on the road in an RV. They helped her purchase a bakery, The Cup and Cake, where she works with her best friend Cassie. Her grandmother, Nan- or Mona, moved to a community to be with her friends.
Nan, her friends, Lexy and Cassie are stuck with the task of trying to help Lexy when she is a suspect in the death of her ex-boyfriend. Her backyard neighbor, Jack, can’t decide if he wants to save her or if she is guilty.
Great adventure from beginning to end!
So glad to know there are more adventures of Lexy and Nan!


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