Mind Me, Milady by Ann Rothman-Hicks & Kenneth Hicks

I was given the opportunity to read Mind Me, Milady by Ann Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.
Mind Me, Milady is the perfect meld of past lives, history and mystery.
There is a serial killer on the loose in New York. Police have dubbed him the Gentleman Killer because of the way he speaks with his victims before he rapes them, ultimately killing most. He has been taunting Eve for months, calling her to tell her when he has a woman trapped, usually as he is torturing her. The police have not let the public know he usually says, “Mind Me, Milady,” during the torture.Eve knows this horrifying line because he says it when he calls her. He tells her her time is coming. She is working with the police, especially a detective, Maria, who recommends she records the phone calls and tells her to be careful not to antagonize the caller.
Eve is in the middle of dealing with clearing her mother’s caseloads and cleaning out her apartment. Her mother, Norma, was a lawyer and has passed away after a long illness. Eve, also a lawyer, is trying to deal with this blow when she agrees to help one of her clients, Grace, and take a girl, Susan, to Ohio to take care of her aunt’s affairs.
Eve finds herself not only running for her life, but also helping keep Susan alive, while trying to find Grace’s murderer.
Every time I think I had things figured out there is a twist or a turn that completely threw me off. I can highly recommend this book to my friends who love reading mystery thrillers with a little paranormal thrown in!


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