A Masquerade of Saints (Saint’s Mystery Series Book 3) by Nicole Loughan

Oh. My. Gosh!
Book 4 please!
I just finished A Masquerade of Saints, the third book of the Saint’s Mystery Series. I hope there is a fourth one in the works!
NOTHING turned out how I thought. Just when I thought I had everything figured out Fanchon/Helene took me on another ride! Again, as in the second book, you should read the books in order because they pull on previous information. I think a reader would be utterly lost if they tried to read this book as a standalone.
Fanchon had found out in the second book who her parents are and begins this book trying to find them. Her search leads to a whole new adventure. All of her old friends are there and she makes new friends and a few others who are still trying to hurt her for various reasons.
I am not sure I like the way the book ends, the ending is fine. It is the relationship she has, is there a relationship in the end of the book? I thought she would end up with an existing character, but then a new character is introduced. A new love triangle?
I need more Fanchon/Helene. Love her character. She has definitely come into her own, a strong southern woman!


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