Mirrored Time by JD Faulkner

I was given the chance to read Mirrored Time by JD Faulkner, by inkspand, in exchange for an honest review.
Gwen has had a rough life. She was born into a family that didn’t want her. Her parents told her on Christmas Eve that they were getting a divorce then passed her back and forth because they had to not because they wanted to spend time with her. Finally she is given to her aunt, Maggie, the aunt that loves her. Finding someone who loves her helps helps with her sense of self, until Maggie gets cancer, beats it and it comes back. With her need to be there for Maggie Gwen decides not to go to law school and applies for a job in the archives of the court house. She gets the job.
Alistair Fletcher is her boss. There’s something different about him but Gwen can’t quite place what it is. He tells her straight from the beginning there is not a lot to do, but she may learn a lot. He wasn’t kidding. He has told her not to go into the archives until he takes her. One day that is broken. One day she goes through the door. One day everything changes. In the middle of the room there is a soaking wet shirtless man. In a room with no pool, no water, no way for him to be wet- he is standing there soaking wet and dripping water on the floor. He walks in to the hall and disappears. Her boss, Alistair isn’t surprised but Gwen is left confused and curious.
Then there are the mirrors. The mirror Gwen falls in to following the wet man, Rafe. The mirrors she find out allow time travel. Time travel? Does she really believe this is happening? With a history of nightmares, maybe this is another dream.
Can Gwen really trust what she is seeing? Can she trust Alistair or Rafe? I hope there is a sequel. I was so involved in the story I awoke with my Kindle beside me. The book DEFINITELY did not put me to sleep, I just couldn’t put it down to go to bed! This is a definite reread, especially if there is a sequel, I am sure I missed clues and and quotes that will enhance the book even more! This is six star read!


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