Murder by Sarah Pinborough

I have not read her first book Mayhem, and do definitely plan to read it, especially now after reading Murder. I am sure I missed some of the information the prequel may have introduced, but the writing in this book is so strong, I don’t think I needed it. With that being said, I am always a fan of reading books in order. Had I realized this was the second book before I began I would have made sure to read Mayhem first. Once I began reading Murder, there was no way I was stopping. This book was way too fascinating to put down and begin a different book, even if it was about the same characters.

Murder is about Dr. Thomas Bond, who is credited with the first profiling of a criminal, in this case Jack the Ripper. Jack has not been seen in London for the past few years, and Bond is sure he had a hand in “getting rid” of him, but in this book begins to have his doubts.

Dr. Bond tries to justify his part in the death of James Harrington. He goes to visit a patient, Aaron Kosminski, who is living in an asylum and not allowing others near him and refuses to bathe or be bathed. While he is there Aaron tells him, “I have given you the Upir.” Dr. Bond is not sure what he means, but by the next day is taken with a fever. His entire life changes. He moves from being a respectable doctor utilized by Scotland Yard for his insights to a man who is forced to live his nights in an opium haze and days in laudanum stupor.

Not only does he lose the woman he loves, he loses the child he tries to force himself to like, he loses his livelihood, his friends, and his self control due to his actions and the actions of the Upir.

I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

I have no reservations in recommending this book to anyone who lives historical fiction, mystery, suspense, an all-around GREAT read! Now to get my hands on Mayhem!

I was gifted Murder, by Sarah Pinborough, from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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