Twisted Tales by Andrea Drew

Quick, GREAT read. I loved this book from beginning to end. Andrea Drew is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!
First, this book is a grouping of four very different short stories.
The first story was very interesting to me. I wasn’t sure where it was going, but quickly realized where I thought it was going to lead. Man, was I wrong! Jimmy walks into a bar- yeah, great image, right? He confesses to the bartender that he has had a horrible day, but seems to think it may get better. I choose to believe his side of the story that he was stunned to find things about his wife he was previously unaware and it is her fault things come to end the way they do. I, however, am worried his wife’s story is more the truth of the situation. Either way, Jimmy is very crafty and probably has the final say in the situation!
The second story made me laugh out loud. All I can say is imagine a grave, hay, and fire…..
The third story is about a girl who has the (un)fortunate ability to talk with and see spirits. She grows up with her parents ignoring her or telling her she isn’t really seeing what she is claiming to her sisters using her when they think they may need her abilities, but don’t listen to her advice. A couple of the characters introduced would be perfect for a longer version of the story or as a spin off for a new novel, especially the man in the corner.
The forth story is a short tale about crime. Crime doesn’t pay. It took me a second to realize what happens. Never leave the hot kettle on the porch.
There may be some coarse language in the stories, but they help to enhance the characters. Who would believe ladies like Lee and Janet wouldn’t be a little “freer” with the language while expressing themselves?


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