The Giver: A Sidekick to the Lois Lowry Novel by Roger Market

First, as noted in the beginning of the book, this is not a standalone book.  It is meant to be read along with the reading of The Giver.  The first part of the book is to be read with The Giver, while the last couple sections of the book are meant to be read after reading The Giver.

The book begins with an exploration of the world Lois Lowry, author of The Giver, has created. Roger begins by stating the world begins as “quirky” then moves into “unnerving”, I couldn’t agree more with that assessment.  He moves into what he calls the Plot summary and analysis, basically a chapter review.  The reviews are succinct and hit the highlights of the chapters, which is wonderful. Who wants to read another chapter describing the chapter in the book you just read?

I will admit, I was a little confused in the section about Themes and Symbols You May Have Missed because it is titled “Trust”, but the main subject of the paragraphs seems to be “truth”.

The only character in the Character Analysis is the Giver, I am not sure why Roger chose the leave out Jonas or others, maybe a quick mention of the parents?

Roger mentions the thre sequels, but still comes up with credible ideas of prequel that would lend themselves to further the actions of the characters of the story, such as the Giver or the community as a whole.

I may purchase this book for another viewpoint.

I was given the chance to read The Giver—Sidekick by Roger Market in exchange for an honest review.


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