Virgin by Radhika Saghani

Virgin. Well, wow, what can I say? I loved it. I laughed at parts. I got angry. I remembered wondering about the same questions and having some of the same conversations with my friends. I pulled for Ellie and Jack. I wondered if Emma would really be a friend to Ellie or if she was trying to help Hannah set her up. I wondered if Ellie and Lara would ever be OK.
I thought Virgin would be about a woman who is a virgin in the traditional sense. It kind of is, but so much more. Ellie is a virgin in the traditional sense and doesn’t understand why she still is. She is also a woman who hasn’t had a boyfriend. She hasn’t been on a real date. She hasn’t had a lot of firsts. She’s not he only virgin. She is the first kiss one guy has ever had, which confirms for him the feelings he has been hiding that he thinks he may be gay. He becomes her first gay best friend and when he has his first sexual encounter she becomes his first confidant.
I enjoyed reading Virgin and recommend it to all my ADULT friends looking for a funny read, especially the women who wonder if they are the only ones who asked questions about being a female!

Five stars!!


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