Snow White Sorrow by Cameron Jace

Snow White Sorrow is the story of Loki Blackstar and Snow White.  Loki has been awakened from being shadowed because he is the only person who can save the world.  He is a fallen half-angel who was shadowed because he not only had an evil side, but he fell in love with a demon.

In order for Loki to return to his home he must kill 99 vampires before he turns sixteen.  He in only in the thirties and only has a couple of weeks before his sixteenth birthday.  He has been given the job to kill one vampire and she is so evil it will count for the 99.  He has been sent to the town of Shadow inside the town of Hell to kill her.  The vampire is Snow White, THE Snow White.  The same Snow White that the fairy tale was written around and the same Snow White that kills people who sneak into her castle.  His first attempt at killing her doesn’t go as well as he planned.

During his journey he soon makes friends and learns things about himself, his mother, his “family” and begins to realize things aren’t always as they seem.  He may not make it to the 99 vampires, but he may not mind.

I really enjoyed this book and have already began the second book in the series.


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