Insurgent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 2): by Veronica Roth– Sidekick by Katherine R. Miller

First, as noted in the beginning of the book, this is not a standalone book. It is meant t be read along with the reading of Insurgent. The first couple sections of the book are meant to be read along with the book, while the final sections and Final Analysis is meant to be read after Insurgent.

The book begins with Katherine’s very detailed summary of the chapters. I especially find the Character Guide very useful. Sometimes when I read I forget the “side characters” and have become accustomed to highlighting them on my kindle. While reading my preferred hardcover I’d rather not mark the pages and end up with tons of sticky notes- the character guide alleviates me from the pain of post-its or highlighting! She included a very extensive list of characters that I may not have thought of as needing to be remembered, but I took more notice of them because she included them.

While I love the Character Guide, my favorite part of this Sidekick is the alternate endings and the Themes & Symbols you may have missed sections. I do find myself looking back to find the usage of the symbols, but that’s the best part of reading a good book, going back and catching things you may have missed that another found and/or deciding if you agree the items they though were important are important to you!

Katherine offers some great things to think about as Possible Sequels/Prequels. She includes many questions that lead to other questions that keep me guessing.

I do think this Sidekick would be a good addition to reading with and follow reading Insurgent. I give this book five stars.
I was given the chance to read Insurgent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 2): by Veronica Roth — Sidekick by Katherine R. Miller in exchange for an honest review.


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