Night Visitor by Diane Emley

Night Visitor, by Diane Emley, is a thrill ride from beginning to end. The book begins with Jason slipping in blood and stumbling on Anya’s body. Then he feels a sharp pain and slowly goes dark. Always trying to find the angle, I thought the visitor would be the person who shot Junior and Anya.
Junior has been blamed for the murder/suicide, but can’t be charged because he has been in a coma since that night, almost five years ago.
Anya’s twin sister, Rory, was Junior’s fiancé until the murder. While most believe Junior is the culprit, some think Rory went into a jealous rage because Junior was not only paining a nude picture of Anya, but possibly having an affair. I thought the murder was the Tate family lawyer. I can say I was surprised in the end. The night visitor and killer are big surprises!
I highly recommend Night Visitor to mystery lovers! It was a great, quick read!


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