Awake by Natasha Preston

Non-stop action! Scarlett was instantly attracted to Noah when he showed up in her class and ecstatic when her teacher told her to show him around school. The attraction was also felt by Noah, or was it?
Scarlett is loved by her parents, and had a pretty normal life, except she can’t remember anything from before she was four. A car accident leaves her “dreaming” or is she really remembering? She is soon thrown into a story she would have never dreamed. She has the love of Noah and doing things she had never experienced before. One conversation with her parents and one trip to Ireland bring her world crashing down.
I couldn’t put Awake down. I fell asleep reading and woke up to continue. Great story! I really hope there is a sequel and I can find out what happened to Evelyn. I highly recommend Awake to anyone looking for a quick read that may leave the reader questioning if their dreams are really memories.
I was given the chance to read Awake-by Natasha Preston, by NetGlley.


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