Paper Towns by John Green

So happy, so sad, so… so…. I HOPE there is a sequel. I HAVE to know what happens to Margo!

I got so caught up in Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin I forgot to eat and didn’t go to bed until I fell asleep with the book in my hands!

John Green has the way of pulling us into the characters in this book and empathizing with them. I was so excited every time Q found another clue hid by Margo and especially when he finds things she didn’t mean to find. I found myself frustrated with Radar and Ben when they began to have their own lives and make plans that didn’t include Q, then having to tell myself that they were their own characters and had their own “lives” to lead and was immediately relieved when they are in the car waiting for Q when he needed them.

I loved the midnight ride! Who wouldn’t love Margo and the revenge she doles out to those who hurt her. I had no idea the events of that night would lead to the adventure and self discovery it did for Quentin.

I hope there is a sequel a sort novella looking back into the lives of the group of friends and how they have changed, possibly a five year reunion. I didn’t enjoy the ending, but it makes sense. Paper Town is an easy five star read! Loved it!


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