Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz

What to say?

The book follows the formula for every horror movie about 7 people trapped in what they thought would be a great party or an epic event. It turns out to be their downfall or leads to their early demise. The seven participants volunteer to be in a nightmare contest for various reasons and they fall the usual formula- the troubled teen, the hardcore horror fan, the trusting guy, the girl who warns everyone to get out, the psychic girl who talks to her dead twin brother…. and so on.

I would have enjoyed the book more if I could tell who was narrating. The POV switched between the seven players, only Parker could be easily determined because he spoke in a movie script for part of his narration. I also thought the book took too long to get to the “excitement”. The lead up to the carnival rides took over 60% of the book, when they finally got there the rides were sort of a let down. While I understand it is supposed to be a young adult book, it was not written very well. I think the most descriptive part was Parker’s “ride”. Even it was not very interesting.

The end of the book contains all the participants’ entries. They were the most interesting part of the story, with the exception to Ivy’s experiences in the very beginning of the book.

I think it could have been five stars if there was more time spent on the actual rides and less on the characters meeting in the Dark House, or possibly more about or including the Nightmare Elf- he was just kind of thrown in to tie everyone together but not really utilized to the fullest.

I was given the opportunity to read Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz- by NetGalley.


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