Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

I found myself wondering how they were lucky, until I got to the end of the book, Lucky Us by Amy Bloom.  The book begins with Eva who is abandoned by her mother on her father’s doorstep when his wife dies.  She, at 12, is left to live with a father she only saw on Sundays and an older sister she never knew existed, Iris.  After discovering her father trying to steal money from her room Eva and Iris run away to Hollywood.  There they are able to find a place to live and Iris finds a job until scandal leaves them having to find a new way.

Their lives really take on from there.  Lies, kidnapping, fire, detention, exportation, love, loss…. How much more can Amy fit into a single story and come out with a wonderful novel of life?  It is told from mainly Eva, but includes letters to Eva from different characters in her life.  The letters not only helps to carry the story but gives extra background and word events that help add to the times and experiences of all and help explain why they made the choices they did.  I loved this book from beginning to end!

I was given the opportunity to read Lucky Us by Amy Bloom- by NetGalley.


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