Across the Bridge of Ice by Ruth Fox

First off, I did not know about the trilogy and was given the chance to read the second book, Across the Bridge of Ice first. It had a great story line and did not seem to be “missing” details or information. I do wish I had read the first book, The City of Silver Light, I was not lost and enjoyed Across the Bridge.

Kiera begins the book in Dr. Dracula’s office. She has a broken leg that will not heal, because she won’t stay off of it, and is looking toward surgery, surgery which could leave her able to walk but possibly never paying soccer again. She has been having strange dreams since the accident, the night she spent alone in a wild snowstorm. Kiera has been friends with Jake and his younger brother Daniel since they were young. They used to tell each other everything, but lately something has changed. Jake has an odd metal object in his pocket and Kiera finds herself wanting it badly. She needs it. She steals it.

Here the excitement really begins. Kiera and Daniel find themselves captive in a strange place with strange people in a world made of crystal.

I enjoyed Across the Bridge of Ice and can’t wait to read The City of Silver Light so I can be ready to read the third book when it is released. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It is a quick, enjoyable, easy read!

I was given the opportunity to read Across the Bridge of Ice by Ruth Fox- by NetGalley.


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