Carnelian by B. Kristen McMichael

Mari has been sheltered her whole life.  She grew up traveling the world with her mother and grandfather while he hunts for antiquities for his rich clients and his antique shop.  Because of this she chooses to leave Chicago and go to college in Minnesota.  Her first day there she is sitting under a tree totally absorbed in the book she is reading when a gorgeous man falls into her lap, literally.

Seth tells his two brothers, Dee and Ty, that she is the one.  He will have her; she is the answer to his dreams. Mari, on the other hand, sees Seth as a player and is determined not to fall for him.  She quickly discovers how determined he is to have her, in any way, as a girlfriend or a friend, as long as she is in his life.  Before she knows it she realizes she can’t live without him either.

I really enjoyed Mari, she is a well-developed character.  Her life experiences help prepare her for the events that unravel as she begins her first year of freedom as a college freshman.  She uses her different sports abilities to help her win a spot on the CRUSH team for her dorm and even leads them to victory- the first time they have ever won.

I highly recommend Carnelian as a five star read.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of book 2 in the trilogy, Chrysoprase!

I was given the opportunity to read Carnelian by B. Kristin McMichael- by NetGalley.


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