Paging the Dead (A Family History Mystery #1)- by Brynn Bonner

Sophreena and Esme are business partners in a genealogy business.  They will find your family history for a fee.  They book begins with them visiting with Dorothy Pritchett Porter and giving her a family heirloom, a huge ring.  After, they go to meet with their four friends and their amateur genealogy club, where they are told that Dorothy has been killed and they may have been the last to see her.  Of course they are potential prime suspects. They vow to prove their innocence and also promise Cassidy, Dorothy’s grand-niece, they would find her killer.

As an added bonus to the genealogy business, Esme can speak to the dead.  They use it sometimes in the business to get “lost” information.  Not many people know about her gift, those who do quickly ask her if she can speak with Dorothy to find out what happened.  No.

Just the kind of book I love… I didn’t have to pull out my dictionary, but I thought I might have to at some points.  It makes a book much more worthwhile when I have to earn the reading.  “Consanguinity” and “garrulous” are both wonderful words!

The ending was somewhat of a surprise for me,  I guessed “who-done-it” but missed the reason why!  Loved it.  Will recommend it to my friends interested in a good mystery!

I was given the opportunity to read Paging the Dead: Family History Murder Series #1 by Brynn Bonner- by Simon and Schuster.


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